January 9, 2019

On behalf of an Alabama city, Terry Sides obtained summary judgment in a federal court lawsuit which claimed the city has a policy, custom and practice of permitting and encouraging the unconstitutional use of force by its police officers, which is reinforced by alleged failures by the city to (a) discipline its officers or prosecute known incidents of improper use of excessive force by them, (b) adequately investigate claims of excessive force, (c) supervise problem officers, and (d) provide training to problem officers.  

The case arose out of an incident in 2014 when the plaintiff was arrested by three of the city’s police officers for, among other things, the criminal offense of his refusal/failure to comply with the lawful orders of the officers.  During the arrest, a physical altercation took place between plaintiff and the officers, which resulted in plaintiff sustaining a broken jaw and injuries to his back and legs.

Under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 and Alabama law, plaintiff sued th...

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