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Mediation Services

Complex disputes often lead to costly, time-consuming litigation. However, resolution of these disputes can often be reached outside of a courtroom using a Mediator or Special Master.

When choosing a Mediator, the client needs the skills of an attorney who has successfully handled litigation in both state and federal courts; an attorney with ethical integrity and legal precision. The client needs the skills and knowledge of an attorney who can keep his focus on balancing fairness, firmness and advocacy to reach the most just resolution possible. Tom Hale meets and exceeds these criteria.

The Firm is pleased to offer the mediation services of Tom Hale. Tom is a trained mediator and has successfully handled complex litigation for decades. With more than 30 years of litigation experience, Mr. Hale has earned a reputation of a highly skilled courtroom attorney with a balance of fairness and exemplary professionalism before both Bench and Bar.

For more information regarding our mediation services, facilities and availability, please contact Cathy Bevel, our Mediation Coordinator, at 205.453.9800.

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