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Areas of Practice

Hale Sides LLC protects the interests of a broad base of businesses, municipalities and governmental entities, employers, insureds, insurers, trust plan administrators, self-insured businesses and other corporations. Our attorneys are seasoned and experienced in all issues arising from the tripartite arrangement between an insurer, retained counsel and its insured, and we have been called upon to represent the interests of thousands of insured clients over the years in myriad matters of litigation. We are involved in diverse and complicated matters ranging from catastrophic personal injury claims, to complex product liability cases, civil rights and constitutional law cases, law enforcement liability matters, corporate fraud claims, and litigation against insurers.

Civil trial practice in all state and federal courts, insurance defense, insurance coverage litigation, personal injury, worker's compensation, architects’ and engineers’ liability, construction law, professional malpractice, municipal liability, products liability, lender liability, arson, fidelity and surety law, corporate law, business development, commercial transactions, banking law, employment discrimination law, civil rights and constitutional law.

Successful appellate practice in Alabama requires a unique blend of skillful analysis, articulate advocacy and reasoned common sense. The Firm’s attorneys realize the additional value a client receives in following the changing philosophies

of the respective appellate courts, which knowledge is gained from years of experience and careful scrutiny of how appellate issues historically have been handled. We diligently track developments and trends in the appellate courts, with reasoned insight into how a legal issue may be addressed.

The lawyers of the Firm have advanced numerous successful arguments and appearances before all state and appellate courts and have compiled many hard-fought victories, many of which have been on the cutting edge of the law. The Firm is equipped with state of the art research capabilities, software and databases, and we monitor all rulings of significance from the appellate courts on a weekly basis. The Firm follows trends in rulings on a variety of legal issues, is equipped to follow specific jury verdict patterns in all venues of Alabama, and regularly reports important holdings and opinions to affected clients.

The Firm has a particularly recognized specialty throughout Alabama in the defense of claims of all types against towns, municipalities and cities, and the public officials, agents, police officers, firefighters, mayors, councilpersons and commissioners, and other persons elected or employed by them. Numerous cases at the state and federal appellate court levels have been defended and argued successfully by the Firm, with its name associated with many cases of first impression which have defined and refined the law with respect to municipal and governmental liability. 

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