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Race Discrimination

In December 2012, the Firm successfully defended a federal race discrimination suit filed against a city located in Jefferson County. The plaintiff, an African-American, was the former owner of a sports bar and restaurant located in the city. The plaintiff claimed that the city, its mayor, its former police chief and other police officers threatened and harassed him, his daughter and customers throughout the operation of his business. He alleged the defendants intended to run him out of business because of his race. He further alleged that the threats and harassment led to the city’s council ultimately revoking his business license and terminating his ability to operate his business in the city. The plaintiff claimed that similarly-situated white business owners in the city were not subject to such harassment. The city and its officials adamantly denied these claims. After the parties filed extensive written arguments, the court dismissed the case in its entirety. The court found that the plaintiff had failed to present any facts which plausibly established race discrimination. Terry Sides handled the case for the firm.

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