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Homewood Police Foundation

Tom Hale has been installed as President of The Homewood Police Foundation, a 501C3 tax exempt organization that involves corporate and individual citizens in assisting The Homewood Police Department and its personnel in a variety of endeavors. Hale is leading the efforts to secure and grow memberships, sustaining grants, community programs and other funding mechanisms that will provide additional resources to aid the Department with services, training and equipment that are not provided for in the Department’s annual budget. Current projects of outreach include the design and construction of a state-of-the-art shooting range, home and personal safety/self-defense training, law enforcement education and involvement programs for citizens, a Citizens Emergency Response Team (“CERT”) training program and an annual Homewood Police Foundation Scholarship awarded to a graduating Homewood High School student who is carefully selected from applicants and who intends to enter college or university with a Major or Minor field of study in Criminal Justice or other closely related field.

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